Terminator robots armed with assault machine guns launched in Ukraine

Ukraine has deployed miniature 'Terminator' robots armed with assault machine guns on the frontline to battle through its war with Russia.

The country has deployed the robotic battlefield scout called GNOM (Gnome) in the south-Eastern city of Zaporizhzhia.

Military company, Temerland had prototyped the tech with scouting missions against Vladimir Putin's invading Russian forces, but the drones appear to have been repurposed into Terminator-like killing machines.

Launched straight onto the frontline, they are armed with 7.62 assault machine guns and travel on wheels, with the first version piloted by troops hidden hundreds of feet away.

Weighing just 110lb and measuring at two foot long, the drone is currently being used as a surveillance tool and as a way to transport small pieces of equipment along the frontlines.

But reports now indicate the survey bot has been adapted into a ruthless killing machine, with the sophisticated bit of tech having the potential to play a key part in the war.

A security source said that the technology is virtually undetectable and that the wire controlling it cannot be seen from above.

The source said: "The technology does exist already in bomb disposal machines, offering the controller the ability to see and direct a machine towards the threat.

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The source, reported by Daily Express, continued: "Such machinery has become extremely sophisticated but it seems this GNOM is designed silently to approach the enemy positions directly and spy on them, possibly allowing them to direct artillery onto the target accurately, or to launch and effective ground assault.

"This would also give the operator a distinct advantage in saving the risk to life of defending troops and, if the surveillance package is sophisticated enough, allowing the gun to open fire either lethally or as a diversion whilst some other attack is launched."

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