Terrified women struggle to get massive hawk out of house during violent storm

Two women have gone viral on TikTok by documenting their hilarious struggle to remove a huge hawk that flew into the house during a storm.

Paloma Viana, 22, posted the clip on her TikTok page, where it has gone viral with 6 million views.

The journalist from the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, said the incident took place at her parents' home on 22nd March.

The young woman was outside on the porch with the family dog when a storm broke out and she decided to head indoors.

On her way inside, she noticed something fly past her and was stunned to find a large hawk sitting on her bed.

As seen in the footage, her mother used clothes to immobilise the bird and take it to another room.

She explained: "We did not know what to do. My first thought was that it was a very large bird, a hawk, so we had to call the fire department.

"But my mum said no and she went over to it all brave."

Paloma added: "On the first attempt, the bird's claw lightly scratched her, so she tried again to capture it.

"She was nervous and even started talking to it, saying she would not hurt it and promised to let it go."

Paloma said that despite the light scratch and the stressful situation, the hawk did not try to attack the pair.

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They left the hawk on the sofa by the door it came in from and waited for the bird to fly away in its own time.

Paloma said: "The bird stayed in the room for about 10 minutes before leaving and flying away."

She said the hawk eventually flew away "normally", with no apparent injuries, adding that it landed on a neighbour's house when she saw it last.

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