Terrifying AI listening from nearby phone as you type can steal your passwords

AI is so advanced it can steal passwords by listening to them being typed.

Scientists have shown it is possible to identify each key being typed with 95% accuracy using the microphone of a nearby smartphone.

They warn it could leave anyone using their computers in cafes, pubs and libraries at risk of their sensitive data being stolen.

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An AI model was trained by researchers to press 36 keys on a MacBook Pro 25 times and record the sound.

The sounds were fed into the AI, which was able to correctly identify the pattern of each key, the study by Surrey, Durham and Royal Holloway universities found.

This means that typing a computer password while on Zoom could leave you open to a cyber attack.

Experts warn that the threat of cyberattacks based on sounds has risen with the rise in video conferences and devices with built-in mics.

“I can only see the accuracy of such models, and such attacks, increasing,” said Dr Ehsan Toreini, co-author of the study.

“Each key has a unique audio, or voice, that can be fingerprinted to infer what is being pressed.”

This comes after neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris said AI is on the brink of becoming "superhuman" and could spell the end of mankind.

He told the Diary of a CEO Podcast that in the near future “most of what’s online could soon be fake”, critically endangering how we choose our governments.

And, looking just a little further ahead, that AI “could ultimately destroy us”.

In a decade or so, Sam predicts new technology could make humans redundant and lead to global chaos.

He said that even the existing tools we have will be enough to cause civilisation to collapse.

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