Terrifying moment leopard leaps over 10ft gate with dog between its jaws

Camera footage has captured the chilling moment a leopard jumped over a 10-foot gate with a dog between its jaws.

The big cat was roaming in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh earlier this month, looking for food, when it spotted the pooch behind the gate of a residential property.

In the video, the dog can be seen nervously backing away from the gate after hearing the predator’s advance.

The jungle cat then proceeded to leap over the gate and into the courtyard, snatch the helpless pet up in its jaws and drag it back over to the other side and into the jungle.

In similar news, earlier this month a brave mum fought a leopard with her bare hands in an effort to save her six-year-old son from the beast’s jaws.

Kiran was sitting next to a fire outside her hut also in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India, waiting for her husband to return, unaware that a leopard was watching them.

Her children were close by – with the youngest in her lap, while six-year-old Rahul and two other siblings sat next to her.

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In a flash, the big cat jumped out from the shadows, caught Rahul in its jaws and ran off.

Kiran ran after the hungry creature and found it sitting in some bushes, with its paws resting on Rahul.

The mother claims she lunged at the leopard, grabbed her child and pulled with all her strength to wrestle him free.

The animal seemed to be taken by surprise, allowing Kiran to successfully get her son back.

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