The Taliban execute women for wearing tight clothes

Punished for speaking their minds, going to school or leaving the house alone – life for women under the Taliban is historically brutal.

Fundamentalist Islamist group the Taliban are regaining power in Afghanistan and there's a terrifying chance they could re-introduce barbaric rules for women and girls.

The terrorist organisation tend to adopt a very strict interpretation of Sharia law, which has led to the historic oppression of women in Afghanistan.

When they last had power of Afghanistan in 2001, the Taliban had made daily life difficult for women and girls, but the country had managed to undo many of the sexist laws and expectations in recent years.

It looks as if those improvements may be reversed as reports have said that women are now being sent home from their jobs as the Taliban take control of the capital city, Kabul.

Taliban rules for Women

Below is a small selection of the rules women had to follow when the Taliban last controlled Afghanistan:

  • Women should not be seen on the street unattended without a blood relative
  • Women must wear a burka outside of the house
  • High-heeled shoes are banned as men should not hear women's footsteps
  • A woman’s voice should not be heard by a stranger when she is in public
  • All windows on the ground and first floors of residential buildings should be painted over so as to stop people seeing women inside
  • Women are prohibited from having their pictures taken
  • Women cannot be filmed, or have their photos displayed in newspapers, books or at home
  • The word “women" must be removed from any place names
  • Women are not allowed to appear on their balconies
  • Women are prohibited from appearing at any public gathering.

Brutal Taliban punishments

The Taliban are known for their historic brutality.

During the last Taliban rule, women suffered public humiliation and beating.

The Taliban carried out public executions and stoned women for committing adultery or wearing tight clothes.

In one case, a young girl had her nose and ears cut off and was left for dead after she decided to run away from an arranged marriage.

In other cases, women have had their fingers chopped off after wearing nail varnish, which is forbidden.

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