The worlds first flying motorcycle could be on the market in just two years

Futuristic sci-fi movies could be closer than we thought following a successful test drive of a brand new sky-bike that is hoping to be released to the public by 2023.

Jetpack Aviation, which are known for manufacturing vertical people propellers, said that their jet-driven flying motorcycle prototype completed its first flight with flying colours.

The California company is hoping to produce two consumer versions that can be bought and driven by 'everyday users'.

Dubbed The Speeder, the futuristic bike is built with Jetpack Aviation's unique flight-control software program to help monitor and adjust thrust on-the-go, according to Robb Report.

The software, which that took a year and a half to build, allows the bike to function like a normal motorcycle in the air and automatically stabilises the vehicle mid-flight.

“We could have an ultralight version [which requires no pilot’s license] ready within two years and an experimental category version within six months after that,” Jetpack Aviation CEO David Mayman told Robb Report.

“The ultralight version would be limited to 60 mph (FAA rules) and a flight time of 15 minutes. The experimental version would require a basic pilot’s license to fly.

"The speed of this version would be approximately 250 mph with a flight time of about 35 minutes.”

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The Speeder will boast eight impressive turbines allowing the 300-pound bike to carry double its weight.

Owner's of the crazy new vehicle will enjoy features such as hand controls, a 12-inch navigation screen and a built in radio system.

An updated version named Speeder 2.0 will be undergoing more rigorous testing this summer before the construction wraps up and the final phase begins.

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Jetpack Aviation are also hoping to also provide commercial versions for the military and public safety organisations in the future.

These flying bikes will include detachable wings for greater speed, more storage to hold injured passengers and places for medical and fire fighting equipment.

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The company recently made a deal with Prometheus Fuels to use their 100% zero net-carbon fuel – making for greener testing and manufacturing.

Jetpack Aviation have set the initial price of The Speeder at $381,000 (£274,792) and have already begun taking pre orders for eager bike-fliers.

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