Thousands enquire about UK Cold War bunkers as Putin prepares to go nuclear

Many believe Russian President Vladimir Putin is perilously close to giving the order for a nuclear attack on Ukraine as his "special military operation" looks to be stuttering amid staunch resistence.

Yesterday, Tuesday October 18, it was reported that Britain's defence secretary Ben Wallace flew to the US for urgent summits amid the tense murmers of nuclear warfare, while bookies slashed the odds on mad Vlad launching a strike.

And on Monday NATO began its annual nuclear exercises in northwestern Europe, using jets capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

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Putin himself has warned of going nuclear, saying "this is not a bluff", amid reports that Russians are building bunkers at haste.

And now, Brits are prepping too, as nearly 200 concerned citizens in three days enquired about buying a nuclear bunker in the Norfolk countryside.

The bunker, which is located in Brundall, was listed for £25,000 and – on March 7 – had 21 different bidders.

Russ McLean, owner of Unique Property Bulletin, a website which helps sell less common properties, said he believes the interest was down to the dictator's activity in Ukraine.

He said: "People are very worried and scared. I don't like seeing people in distress. Normally you can fix things, but this is not an easy fix."

He claims to have fielded more than 3,300 calls, emails and texts from terrified Brits. For context, in 2021 his website had 20 enquiries about bunkers the whole year.

"People are scared and just want to protect their families," Mr McLean said.

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Another similar bunker, also in Brundall and built in 1961 at the height of the cold war, sold recently.

The structure was cast in a continuous process as one solid piece of steel reinforced concrete so that it could move in the ground as one if it were subject to the shockwave from a nearby nuclear burst, according to a listing.

It is one of 1,560 similar bunkers constructed in a massive programme which began in the 1950s, according Unique Property Bulletin.

Another listing, for a bunker in Quadring Eaudike, Lincolnshire, gained interest "given what Vladimir Putin is up to at this time," the aforementioned site stated.

And despite not buying a bunker just yet, David Clett, from Kidderminster, says he is keeping tabs on developments.

"I have been a prepper since the Cuban Missile Crisis – the most terrifying day of my life!" he told the Daily Star.

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"Since then I always watch the way things are going. When Putin invaded Ukraine I drew up a five point plan. At the moment we are between stage II and III.

"This means I am not yet committing to an all-out nuclear war."

But another Brit, from Burnley, Lancashire, said "s*** is going to hit the fan," and he is even considering opening a prepping shop to feed the imminent demand for survival gear.

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"With military experience stemming from the 1980s and six years in law enforcement I am in the process of opening a new preppers shop," he told us.

"My wife, an ex Army nurse with vast experience in the NHS, is well aware that her experience is going to be called up on when the system collapses. For me the writing is on the wall… it's not a question of if but when the s*** is going to hit the fan."

Janny Holtham, from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, said she has prepared for nuclear war by buying a camping stove and gas, a life water straw and a food dehydrator.

"So much more to buy but you have to start somewhere," she added.


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