Thugs spray bleach into autistic teens eyes leaving mum terrified hed go blind

A mum feared her son with Asperger's syndrome would go blind after he had bleach sprayed into his eyes by thugs who stole his electric scooter that he had saved up his wages to buy.

Josh Hunt, 19, decided to buy some snacks after he finished work on December 21 so he went to visit Westleigh Park in Wigan and had not long sat down when four men approached him at around 7pm, reports the Manchester Evening News.

The teenager, who also has Tourette's syndrome, was told he was being robbed by the group before they left empty-handed.

But they were back minutes later demanding his phone and wallet.

Suddenly, Josh was dragged to the ground. The gang began punching and kicking him as he lay on the floor.

As he jumped up in a bid to save his £539 electric scooter – which he had purchased the the week previously – Josh had a substance sprayed in his eyes.

The chemical was later discovered to be bleach.

The group fled with his scooter just as Josh’s friend arrived to meet him.

Josh's parents immediately rushed to the park and found their son screaming in pain and unable to see.

His mum, Kelly Hunt, said: “His eyes were very inflamed and swollen; he couldn’t see at all.

“My husband ran to the nearest shop and asked for bottles of water which he kept washing his eyes with.

“He then put him in the car and as he was driving home from the park, which is five minutes from our house, my son was screaming saying, ‘Ouch, dad, my eyes are burning so much, I can’t see’”.

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When they got home the family called the police and officers arranged for a fast-response paramedic to visit them.

After assessing Josh’s condition, his parents were advised to take him straight to hospital.

The teen was escorted by detectives to Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan.

Josh had his eyes washed numerous times before being discharged with a prescription ointment.

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His clothing was taken by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue service to assess the chemical thrown at him.

Kelly, 39, added: “One of the lads said to my son, ‘I’ve got ammo and I’ll spray you up’.

“I’m mortified by it; I feel sick to know how hard he worked to buy himself the scooter.

“I’m on pins whenever he goes anywhere now as well as my other sons.

“I still feel shaken by it all, all I could do was pray his eyesight wasn't going to be lost.”

There have not yet been any arrests and the investigation is still ongoing, a spokesman for GMP confirmed.

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