Tornadoes to smash northern Europe as continent gripped by extreme wildfires in south

BBC Weather warns of ‘nasty weather’ across parts of Europe

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Speaking to BBC News, presenter Tomasz Schafernaker explained how extreme heat hitting over 41C in southern areas of Europe such as Greece, Turkey and the Balkan region have caused horrific wildfires to break out. But the extreme weather meets vastly lower temperatures in central and eastern Europe which has caused repeated storms to smash through areas such as Germany and Poland. As a result, the BBC weather presenter warned tornadoes could be on the way as the continent battles a period of extreme weather.

He said: “Some pretty severe weather on the satellite picture across the Alpine region stretching into Germany, Austria, Poland..

“Through the course of Sunday night we will see a trail of nasty weather moving though – there could be large hail and gusty winds.”

But in a shocking moment he warned there could even be “tornadoes in some locations” in Central Europe.

The Weather presenter added: “But by Monday that storm system should break up into smaller areas of showery weather.”

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Mr Schafernaker went on to warn Europeans of the impact the sweltering temperatures is having on areas of Southern Europe.

He said: “The heat is on across the south east and across the Balkans.

“We have got the fires raging in parts of Turkey, temperatures are well in excess of 40C in a number of areas.

“Contrast that between the heat in the south and these fresher milder conditions across many northern and western parts of Europe.”

BBC Weather forecasts showers and thunder across UK

The presenter explained how the two vastly different weather fronts are “speaking off” storms through Central Europe.

These storms are bringing “unsettled and cool conditions” for western parts of Europe which will be felt in the UK.

Tuesday will see highs of a sweltering 41C in Athens, 36C in Bucharest, 31C in Madrid, 29C in Rome 27C in Lisbon and 26C in Gibraltar.

And looking ahead into late next week, Madrid will stay sunny with temperatures in the early to mid thirties.

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While London will see continued cloud cover throughout the week with patches of rain forecast on Thursday and Friday. 

London will see temperatures below average for this time of year as the UK enters the first week of August after a period of huge rainfall, flash flooding and Storm Evert which has wreaked havoc across parts of England.

The presenter said how London is forecast to hit 20C on Tuesday, 21C on Wednesday, 19C on Thursday, 20C on Friday and 20C on Saturday.

Athens will see temperatures hit an astonishing 41C on Tuesday, 36C on Wednesday, 39C on Thursday, 36C on Friday and 35C on Saturday.

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