Tourists revolted by pool of floating human poo at popular beach resort

Tourists hoping for a relaxing day at a resort in Menorca were disgusted to find a pool of actual human poo on of the island's beaches.

The festering pit of human waste has already been blamed on a malfunctioning sewage plant but this has not been confirmed.

Beachgoers at El Prat de Son Bou beach have complained that the smell of the brown pool has made the otherwise beautiful spot unpleasant.

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Rafael Cerezo, a resident and regular visitor, said: “It smells like a nitrogenous product, there is bacteriological decomposition.”

Cerezo said he had complained to the council who cleaned it up but the pool has since filled up again and that it was likely sewage runoff.

He continued: “Either the sewage treatment plant that discharges into El Prat Son Bou beach is insufficient or it doesn’t work well, or it’s broken.

“It is a problem that I have seen in past years, but never like so far with so much organic matter.”

The Express reports that the City Council has rebuffed these claims and said the stink was not due to human poo but caused by stagnant water in the pool.

A spokesperson told a local paper that they weren’t aware that there was any contamination from the sewage plant.

The beach coordinator said they had inspected the beach and agreed that there was a bad smell.

However, they said that a nearby pumping station in the beach car park was responsible for the smell.

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