Town mourns beloved six-foot ‘gentle giant’ kangaroo after he’s hit by a car

A heart-broken community is mourning the death of a kangaroo named Whiskers who tragically died after being run over by a car.

The six-foot roo was popular throughout his neighbourhood in Australia and was a favourite with guests at the local holiday park in Bright, north-eastern Victoria.

Tracey Wilson, whose parents knew Whiskers well, paid tribute to the friendly animal on Facebook as she praised the “gentle giant”.

Posting the pictures in memory of the kangaroo, Tracey said her parents would see him everyday over the summer.

She told Daily Mail Australia: “Some days if it was quiet in the park he would just chill out in the sun all day.

“'Mum said others would turn up at times and dad was convinced they were his girlfriends.”

After Whisker’s dead body was found on the side of a road near the park, Tracey’s dad called the council.

But nobody has come forward to admit being involved in the incident.

The car which hit the giant animal had been travelling in a 50km/h zone.

“I don't understand how a kangaroo his size could get hit and cause enough injuries for him to die. My sisters and I never even met him and we loved him,” Tracey added.

“He'll be greatly missed in Bright.”

The Facebook post sparked an outpour of love in the comments.

One person wrote: “So, so sad for this majestic fella and for all you wonderful people that loved, respected and admired him. RIP Mr. Whiskers.”

Whilst another added: “He was The Man – gorgeous.”

A third lavished the late roo as a "beautiful giant’ and said they were “so p***ed off he was hit by a car after all this time”.

Some kangaroos can weigh a whopping 100kg and reach up to three metres in height.

Hunting and car accidents are among the leading causes of death for the Australian mammals.

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