Tragedy as toddler, 3, shot dead at birthday party with gunman at large

A toddler was shot dead in Florida at his friend's birthday party – with the suspect still at large.

Elijah LaFrance, 3, was found by Miami-Dade police with gunshot wounds after a ShotSpotter alert sent officers to an Airbnb rental.

A 21-year-old woman was also shot and was taken to Aventura Hospital but is in stable condition, CBS4 said. She has not been identified.

Police believe the suspect fled the scene on North Maimi Avenue after shooting both the victims at around 8pm on Saturday, April 24. They remain at large.

“How you gonna go and you see a party with children inside and you open fire on them. You are nothing but a coward. You are a coward,” a neighbour told CBS4.

The neighbour, who lives a house away, said a tree blocked his view but a resident across the street “saw everything when a man pulled the machine gun and started shooting.”

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The eye-witness who wished to remain anonymous said some of the shots hit his car and his home.

He said: “Lots of fires. It sounded like a series of firecrackers.

“More than 30 rounds I heard. And then I saw a person running to a car and then a car took off high speed and two more cars followed all going east.”

Police have not provided any further information about the shooting, but Police Director Alfredo Ramirez said investigators would find the perpetrators and hold them accountable.

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