Tropical island reopens to tourists – but only those who have had coronavirus

An island has opened its doors to tourists once again, but this time with an added rule.

Only tourists who have contracted and recovered from coronavirus are allowed to visit the Brazilian island.

Fernando de Noronha has reopened five months since the coronavirus lockdown, reports South China Morning Post.

The tropical island which is situated 354km off Brazil’s northeastern coast closed in March to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

From today, September 1, the region will reopen with controls to "guarantee everyone’s protection”.

Officials revealed on the Instagram account the island will open in phases.

It said: “In this first phase, only tourists who have already had Covid-19 will be allowed to disembark.'

With the new precautions, those visiting will be required to present a positive test result that is at least 20 days old.

Guilherme Rocha, the archipelago’s administrator, said: “In this first stage of reopening, only tourists who have already had Covid and have recovered and are immune to the disease will be authorized [since] they can neither transmit it, nor be infected again.”

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He added: “We are reopening responsibly, with caution and without hurry,” when speaking at a news conference.

“Hurry is the enemy of life … We can’t do everything at once.”

The idyll island was forced to shut its doors on March 21.

This comes as Brit tourist hotspot beaches on the Canary Islands have been closed after a second coronavirus wave hit the region.

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Beaches on the island of El Hierro were shut after it suffered its first major Covid-19 outbreak in several months.

The island had been one of the very few places to escape the harrowing pandemic that left 10s of thousands of Spaniards on the mainland dead.

Instead, only a handful of cases were recorded and there were no deaths.

But, this second wave is having a dramatic effect with at least 40 people being struck down by the virus – forcing the local government to take action.

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