Trump humiliation: Biden set for LANDSLIDE victory in November election – poll

The poll gave the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden a huge 11-point lead over the incumbent president. According to the survey, which was carried out between April 3 to 6 among a pool of 875 registered voters, Mr Biden received 53 percent support, to Mr Trump’s 42 percent. Crucially for the former vice president, independent voters appeared to moving decisively towards supporting his candidacy.

Independent voters hold the key to electoral success in many swing states, and they broke for Mr Biden in the poll by 12 points.

The former Delaware senator secured his party’s nomination after his main rival Bernie Sanders dropped out of the presidential race earlier in April.

An early front-runner, the Vermont senator attracted many younger voters, but fell behind the former vice president in recent weeks.

However, he helped make healthcare and income inequalities key election issues.

Mr Biden holds a decisive lead over President Trump with women (a 30 point lead), while the president leads among men by only seven points.

Similarly, Donald Trump holds only an eight-point lead over Mr Biden among his core support of white voters.

Mr Biden has 72 percent support of African-American voters.

President Trump’s campaign for re-election has been derailed by the coronavirus crisis, which has seen the presidential incumbent come under scathing criticism for his complacent approach to the pandemic.

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And voters appear to have lost their faith in Mr Trump’s ability to lead the country in their hour of need, as thousands die from the killer virus.

Fifty-two percent of respondents said that they trusted the Democratic nominee to handle the coronavirus outbreak, whereas only 43 percent said the same of President Trump.

Arguably the President’s strongest card in his re-election campaign, had been the powerful performance of the economy.

However, the pandemic has seen the Dow Jones crash and the real economy shudder to a halt as a result of the emergency lockdowns.

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Millions have lost their jobs and livelihoods in the past few weeks in the wake of the economic tsunami unleashed by the deadly virus.

A staggering 22 million Americans have been made unemployed within the last month alone.

On Thursday the US Labor Department announced that 5.24 million workers filed for unemployment benefits last week, making a total of 22.2 million since March 14.

The largest number of people to ask for unemployment benefits in a four-week period before the Covid-19 crisis came in 1992 when 2.7 million sought support.

The flood of layoffs has swept across the entire country and has affected every sector of the economy.

Jason Reed, assistant chair of finance at the University of Notre Dame, told the Guardian: “It’s akin to the entire country being hit by a hurricane.

“And we don’t know when the hurricane is leaving.”

Other polls also show Mr Biden leading Mr Trump, but by smaller margins.

A Monmouth University survey released on Thursday last week gave Joe Biden a 4-point national lead.

Most other recent surveys put Mr Biden’s advantage at between 3 points and 8 points.

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