Twisted YouTuber sent woman a dead kitten in the post during stalking spree

A sick YouTuber and one of his fans have been jailed after posting a woman a dead kitten, faeces and sex toys in a horror stalking campaign in the US.

Ian Douglas McGuire, 30, and Bretton Howard Osborne, 29, were ordered to pay compensation after causing "substantial emotional distress to the victim", Fox4 reports.

McGuire, of Port Charlotte, Florida, used to go out in public filming himself wearing signs around his neck and getting a reaction out of groups of people, police said.

The woman had a type of restraining order filed against McGuire after telling him that she didn't like his sign and him filming her while at work at Punta Gorda farmers' market.

When McGuire found out about the injunction, he began to harass and stalk her, reports say.

He and Osborne, of Punta Gorda, Florida, conspired together to stalk and harass the victim between March 8, 2019, and June 27, 2019, courts documents said.

The pair posted videos of her on McGuire's YouTube channel with personal information about her which have now been taken down.

They also mailed sex toys, faecal matter and a dead kitten to her and ordered services, food, and materials to be delivered to her home without her permission.

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The pair left online reviews on her business accounts, falsely claiming the woman was a sexual predator and a Nazi supporter.

At the time of Osborne’s arrest, local media reported he had been a menace to his neighbours for years.

US District Judge Sheri Polster Chappell on Wednesday sentenced Osborne to three years and eight months in federal prison for stalking and conspiracy to commit stalking. He was also ordered to complete 300 hours of community service.

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McGuire was previously sentenced to five years in federal prison for the same offences. Both had pleaded guilty.

Detective Adam Taylor with the North Port Police Department earlier said: “The suspect, in this case, he likes to go into public wearing signs around his neck, with a video camera he likes to engage groups of people to get a reaction.

"The victim, in this case, was working at the time, told the suspect that she did not really like his sign and want to be videotaped by him and ever since then he just began to target her.

"The phone call harassment was on a daily basis for the victim, in fact, she had to get a different phone number because she was getting what’s called a spoof call.

“She received multiple adult-themed toys in the mail.

"She received packages of faecal matter in the mail, and she actually received a dead kitten in the mail, she was mailed to at work."

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