Twitter erupts mocking sewage disaster that saw Brits swim in poo all summer

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Twitter users have flocked to the site to mock the horrific news that Brits may have been swimming in sewage all summer.

The news comes after the Environment Agency indicated that, over the summer, people could have been swimming in waste due to faulty monitors.

Data showedthat some monitors are either faulty or not installed.

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Beaches in Devon and Sussex have closed over the summer after water companies pumped out sewage – but research by the Liberal Democrat party found that levels could also have been high in some places without such warning.

Following the news, Twitter has exploded with discussion and concerns about the summer of sewage swimming with one hashtag trending in particular.

The #SewageTitles has seen people replacing the names of well-known shows, films, songs, books and plays with sewage-related puns – and famous names have been joining in on the trend too.

Famous children’s author Michael Rosen got things off to a good start, tweeting: “Stuck in the Midden with You”.

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He then followed up with “The Turd Man”. Among his many offerings, “20,000 Plagues Under the Sea” also shone.

From here, things became a little more free-flowing, as people hopped on the hashtag and ran with it, both in the comments of Rosen’s tweet and elsewhere across the site.

“Sh*ttin' on the dock of the bay”, said one, with an image of Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg lying down as he did on a parliament bench, this time on top of a sewage pipe.

The references went far and wide. Some opted for classical literature from Charles Dickens with “A Tale of Two Sh*tties”, while one saw fit to get James Bond involved, saying, “P*ssy Galore”. Both were a far cry from the BBC’s famous “Sh*tting Forecast”.

"Don’t go chasing waterfalls", said one, channelling a poppy vibe echoed by another who added, “Radio kaka”.

One common theme came from a film with a strong connection with sewage pipes. “The Sure Stank Redemption”, said one user. “The Armitage Shanks Redemption” added another.

"Stool Britannia", added another, along side of an image of a man who'd apparently done a number in his Union Jack shorts pants.

Many turned to childhood favourites: “The “Whiff“ in the willows”, Sh*tty Sh*tty Bang Bang, and “Harry Potty and the Chamber Pot of Secrets” were all spotted.

Others chose to go down the route of late 60s favourites. “Give P*ss A Chance”, joked one – another, “Waterpoo Sunset.”

Others kept it simple. “Forest Dump”. Others a bit spooky: “Close Encounters of the Turd Kind.”

Some jokes began to expand on the idea, with a mockup of a new Tesco Hazmat suit range popping up.

Regarding revelations about the sewage pumping, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for environment, food and rural affairs, Tim Farron, said: “This is a national scandal. Britain’s seaside resorts are being swamped by foul sewage, yet the government is nowhere to be found.

“Why on earth are Conservative ministers letting them get away with this? The public needs to know how safe, if at all, popular beaches are for swimming.”


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