UK, EU and United States are all running out of weapons to send to Ukraine

British, American and EU support for Ukraine's fight against Russia could be wavering just hours after UK Prime Minister Liz Truss pledged her backing to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Truss, who has been conspicuous by her absence after tanking the UK economy alongside Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng last week, had a phone call with Zelenskyy earlier today (September 28).

According to a tweet from the embattled leader of the country being invaded by Russia, he said: “Had a phone conversation with PM @trussliz.

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“The UK has always been among the leaders in supporting Ukraine.

“We expect London’s leadership in reaction to Russian sham referenda as well.

“Defence and financial aid to Ukraine must be enhanced in response.”

But, despite Zelenskyy's words, it now appears that support is actually thin on the ground after weapons stockpiles from the UK and the US are running dry.

According to associate professor and senior military fellow at the US National Defence University Dave Des Roches there is “great concern” over how Ukraine will be supported from now on.

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He said: “Unless we have new production, which takes months to ramp up, we’re not going to have the ability to supply the Ukrainians.”

And EU high representative for foreign affairs and security policy, Josep Borrell concurred.

He explained: “The military stocks of most European NATO member states have been, I wouldn’t say exhausted, but depleted in a high proportion, because we have been providing a lot of capacity to the Ukrainians.

“We are now working with industry to increase production of weapons and ammunition.”

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Last month, the UK pledged to give £2.3 billion in military aid to Ukraine in 2023, but given the UK's current economic turmoil, it remains to be seen whether or not that pledge will be kept.

Officials have also given around 5,000 next-gen anti-tank weapons to the country in recent months, as well as thousands of other defensive weapons.

The Daily Star has reached out to Downing Street for a comment.

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