UK mum dating and sending nudes to US killer who strangled pregnant girlfriend

A Scottish mum has been exchanging TikToks and raunchy snaps with an American convicted of murdering his pregnant girlfriend.

Chelsea Birkett insists she has fallen love with Jacob Ferrero, who she claims “is not violent” despite the fact he was branded 'The Boogeyman' by prosecutors.

Ferrero was sentenced to at least 45 years in jail in 2016 for killing Samantha Greenlee in 2014.

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The factory worker had an argument with his then-girlfriend, who was three months pregnant, before beating her with a baseball bat and strangling her to death.

After the killing he wrapped the 22-year-old's corpse in a shower curtain, put her in a storage bin and buried her in a shallow grave.

Two days later he set fire to the apartment the couple had shared in a bid to conceal his crimes.

However, Ferrero's grim past has not put off Chelsea, who told The Sun: “Love really does have no limits.”

The 30-year-old, who has had the killer's name tattooed on her in three places, hit out at criticism she has received for her relationship on social media and declared: “All I’ve done is fall in love and decide I want to show how happy that makes me.”

As well as exchanging TikToks and emails on a daily basis, Chelsea also sends Ferrero gifts at the Ohio prison where he will serve at least another 37 years.

Chelsea, who last year told OK! that she was in love with a different American inmate – a car thief called Levi – is thought to have got in touch with Ferrero after seeing his photo online.

Among the gifts she has admitted to sending to the Lebanon Correctional Facility is a book called How To Cope With Your Massive Penis.

In exchange he sends her video messages as he messes about with fellow inmates and plays her songs on his guitar.

The couple routinely run up huge phone bills whilst talking, which Chelsea has to pay for.

Chelsea told her social media followers: “I’m not saying I support what he’s done and I’m not saying I condone it. I am however choosing to accept that he’s being punished.”

The best friend of Ferrero’s victim says he should not be allowed “an ounce of happiness” after learning of his new relationship.

Joy LaBarge, 30, said in quotes reported by The Sun: “I’m shocked and disgusted. He’s a cold- blooded murderer – he should not be allowed to do this.”

Chelsea has asked Ferrero to join her if and when he eventually leaves prison – and has even suggested that he should not have to serve his full term.

She told followers: “I try not to think about it too much. They just need to free our loved ones.”

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