UK storm names 2022: Every storm so far and what to expect next

Storm Franklin causes flooding across Derbyshire

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If a storm meets the criteria based on The Met Office National Severe Weather Warnings Service and has the potential to cause an amber or red warning, it will be named to aid with communication through the media and government to warn the public. The UK is currently facing its third storm in seven days, Storm Franklin, following Dudley and Eunice, which has led to hundreds of warnings and alerts issued across Britain.

Storm Franklin brought strong winds and heavy rain to the UK on Sunday, February 20, and will continue over the course of the day today until the evening, where it will clear and become calmer, drier, and brighter.

What storms have struck the UK this year?

As of January 2022, the UK has experienced a concerning total of five storms already.

Storm Malik was named on January 28, 2022, with the Met Office confirming its date of impact to be January 29, 2022.

Storm Corrie was named on January 29, 2022, with its date of impact listed to be January 30 to 31, 2022.

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Storm Dudley, named on February 14, 2022, soon followed with an impact date of February 16 to 17, 2022.

Storm Eunice, the most severe yet, claimed at least four lives as winds of up to 122mph swept across Britain, was named on February 14, 2022, and impacted the UK on February 18, 2022.

What can we expect next?

The Met Office weather warning in place for Storm Franklin ended at 1pm, Monday, February 21, as spells of rain and gusty wind ease this afternoon.

The UK is predicted to experience more mild weather conditions for the remainder of the week, with scattered showers across the east and south, and heavy rain in the north.

However, The Met Office warns of largely unsettled and changeable weather conditions from the period between now and March.

The north and west are predicted to experience the wettest and coldest conditions, with spells of rain and snow interspersed with periods of sunshine and showers.

The south and south-east will generally be less windy and more settled, with rainy spells scattered throughout.

Temperatures are likely to be mild overall.

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UK storm names 2022

The Met Office publishes its list of storm names each year, following alphabetical order.

This means the next storm to be named will begin with ‘G’ and will be called Storm Gladys.

Here is a full list of storm names yet to come

  • Gladys
  • Herman
  • Imani
  • Jack
  • Kim
  • Logan
  • Méabh
  • Nasim
  • Olwen
  • Pól
  • Ruby
  • Seán
  • Tineke
  • Vergil
  • Willemien

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