UK to be hammered by onslaught of heavy rain, thunder and snow in days

Britons should brace for a “marked difference” in weather conditions over the next few days after enjoying a spell of balmy temperatures. Met Office senior press officer Nicola Maxey said some “isolated spots” in the UK will reach temperatures as high as 18C and 19C between Wednesday and Thursday.

However, people hoping to bask in a warm April sunshine over the weekend will be bitterly disappointed, as temperatures will start to drop nationwide as early as Friday.

Ms Maxey warned parts of the UK should brace for heavy rains, thunder and even snow. 

She told “From Friday onwards there is a weather front that pushes into the southweast and pushes north across the country, bringing some fairly heavy rain at times and some chance of thunder.”

Once that system pushes out eastwards across the country on Saturday, “cold air” will be allowed to come in from the north, Ms Maxey explained.

She continued: “So cold air will push down across the country as we go through the end of the weekend and to the beginning of next week.”

Chances of snow and wintry mix – such as sleet, freezing rain or freezing drizzle – are not to rule out, she added. 

She said: “There is a chance that any shower could fall as snow, particularly at higher grounds in Scotland, or a wintry mix as we go through the southern part of the country next week.

“There will be a sort of northeast/southwest split with the weather, with the colder air in the north while the Atlantic weather system will be trying to push in from the south of the country towards the north.

“But you got the cold air coming down from the north, so you have that sort of split between the weather, the south will see more unsettled showery weather whereas the north [will see] colder temperatures.”

Maps by weather forecaster WXCHarts, which uses data from MetDesk, show the southern part of the country being hit by rain on Friday. 

Maps also show snow falling in Scotland over the weekend and hitting a small area of the Midlands in the early hours of Tuesday next week.

Temperatures in Scotland may drop below zero during nights in just a couple of days, the expert added.

She said: “For Scotland we could see temperatures dipping by mid-week. Certainly, as we go through Friday night into Saturday, we could see temperatures hovering around freezing even as far south as the south coast and east Norwich.”

Daytime temperatures will also fall across the country over the next few days. 

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Ms Maxey said: “As we go through the weekend we are looking at temperatures in the mid-teens daytime, and next week’s daytime temperatures in the southern half of the UK will be staying in the mid-teens, while in Scotland they will reach the low-teens.”

And on Monday, Ms Maxey added, single-digit temperatures may be seen quite widely across the country.

Ms Maxey conceded the last week of April is “looking to an unusual cold”.

However, by the end of next week, the Met Office expects temperatures to be returning to average for this time of the year.

This means there is still a risk of snow and slit in the north and northeast but temperatures will likely trend up again in the south of England. 

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