UK weather: Brits set to bask heatwave as some areas may be HOTTER than scorching 30C

UK weather: Azores plume to push mercury to 29

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The mercury is set to rise above 30C in some areas of the UK next week as former Tropical Storm Alex brings changeable conditions, the Met Office has forecast.

Meteorologists have predicted parts of northern Britain may experience winds exceeding 55mph coupled with frequent showers and possible thunderstorms.

The weather in the south is likely to be fine and dry, with temperatures likely to peak around 24C on Father’s Day, although they could even exceed that into the low 30Cs.

Sky weather producer Joanna Robinson said: “From Wednesday it looks like temperatures are on the rise, as hot air over Iberia and France spreads further north.

“The south will reach the mid-20s, potentially the low-30s on Friday or Saturday.”

The hottest day of the year so far was recorded in May, when the mercury hit 27.5C at Heathrow.

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Yolanda Clewlow, from the Met Office, has warned hay fever sufferers that the combination of damp and warm weather that despite pollen counts being no higher than usual, the pollen itself is stronger.

She said: “The potency of these pollen grains could be more intense this year, and that comes down to the weather we’ve had in spring.

“A warm and wet May, coupled with a relatively warm spring, mean there’s a chance that the pollen that has developed is particularly potent.”

The Met Office long range forecast expects “very warm temperatures” in the south of the UK.

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It reads: “Dry conditions with variable cloud are likely for most at the start of this period. 

“Light but variable winds and warm temperatures can be expected, but potentially very warm in the far south. Through the weekend, we can expect higher pressure from the continent to bring sunny and dry weather, particularly in the south. 

“However, a north-south contrast is likely to emerge as lower pressure to the northeast may bring showers and generally more unsettled weather to northern regions. 

“Temperatures will be average for most, but warmer in the south, with possible thundery conditions bringing potentially hot temperatures for southern regions. 

“High pressure is likely to persist and move westwards through this period, bringing more unsettled and occasionally showery conditions across the UK associated with a northwesterly wind.”

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