UK weather forecast: Chart turns BLUE as snow strikes Britain with icy blast – latest maps

October has been dominated by torrential rain that has smashed into the UK, with more than 100mm falling between last Friday and Sunday over central southern England, the Cotswolds and the Chilterns – considerably more than the monthly average in these areas. The unsettled weather has continued into this week with further cold plunges in the north forecast over the coming days. Strong winds and rain are also expected for all of the UK, as well as the increasing threat of overnight frost. But the latest weather charts by WxCharts turn blue as early as tomorrow, as the UK set to be smashed by a bitterly cold icy blast that brings with it the threat of snow.

The maps from WxCharts indicate most of the UK will be hit by a cold snap by tomorrow evening that quickly approaches from the west.

This will continue into Friday with the maps turning a darker blue, setting the weekend up for a bitterly cold few days.

The icy blast appears to worsen on Saturday morning and will continue through the remainder of day and well into Sunday, before warmer weather begins to hit Britain from the west.

But the maps from WxCharts show this relief will be short-lived, with UK maps once again turning blue on Tuesday as bitterly-cold weather blasts the country and most of Europe.

This will gradually ease off towards the end of next week, providing slightly warmer conditions going into the third weekend of the month.

The BBC Weather forecast for next week states that while there are indications the UK could escape the torrential downpours that have drenched the country so far this month, temperatures could be about to plunge.

This will bring with it the threat of snow over the higher parts of Scotland, while bitterly cold air will send the mercury below average for this time month across much of Britain. The bone-chilling air could also bring the return of icy windscreens for morning commuters.

The forecast says: “High pressure dominated southern parts of the UK during September, but it has been notably absent since the start of October.

“There are signs that it will return during the middle of October, building in across the UK from the west.

“This will lead to a drier week than the previous two for most of us, as the jet stream and associated areas of low pressure will be displaced well to the south-east of the UK.”

But the forecast warns: “While the drier outlook will be welcome for those areas that saw such a lot of rain in the first few days of October, we will have to contend with some chilly weather.

“The wind direction will remain in a northerly quadrant for at least the first half of the week.

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“This may feed in a few wintry showers over the higher parts of Scotland, while the cold air will suppress the daytime temperatures below average, even in the sunnier parts of the south and south-west.

“At night, where skies are clear and winds fall low, an air frost becomes very likely, even in the south.”

The latest forecast from the Met Office for October 11-20 says that while more the UK is likely to see more settled weather, there will continue to be persistent wind and rain in some parts of the country.

Temperatures are expected to be below average, with the increased risk of overnight fog and frost that could linger well into the following day.

The Met Office forecast says: “More settled conditions are expected to develop from the west through October, with western/northwestern areas becoming dry with sunny spells and light winds at first.

“Showers are likely to continue in the east/southeast at the start of this period, whilst central and eastern areas remain rather windy.

“The more settled conditions will spread across the UK with many places seeing a good deal of fine and dry weather by the end of the period.

“However, some eastern/southeastern areas may experience further showery spells. The far northwest may also remain cloudier with perhaps some rain at times.

“Temperatures are generally expected to remain below average, feeling rather cold.

“The more settled weather also brings an increased risk of overnight fog and frost, with fog potentially lingering well into the day.”

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