UK weather forecast: Double plunge of Polar air sees -5C winter return with snow NEXT WEEK

UK weather: Scotland and northern regions set for snow

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Weather forecaster Jim Dale warned that next week further frost and cold temperatures will return, as a result of the mixed, changeable weather that has characterised February. He said that a blast of “Polar air” will bring a “plunge” in temperatures towards the end of next week.

Mr Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, speculated that the low temperature is “making up for the lack of cold that we’ve seen over the course of the Winter”.

Weather forecaster WXCharts is showing that parts of Scotland will feel as cold as -12C next Thursday.

Moving into Friday, the cold wind will spread causing most of the UK north of Birmingham to feel like 0C and below.

Actual minimum temperatures on Friday will be as low as -5C in Scotland, and between 1C and 4C in the rest of the UK.

The forecaster has also shown that Scotland will see up to 8.5 inches (22cm) of snow by Friday February 18.

Speaking to, Mr Dale said: “The frost is coming back.

“We’ll lose the mild from the South – the 10’s, 11’s, these sort of temperatures are on the way out.

“We’re in the grip of it to a certain degree, this changeable, mixed scene.

“So you get one plunge, then you come out of it, and then you get another plunge.

“So that’s what you’re seeing.

“It’s transient cold.

“It makes up for the lack of cold that we’ve seen over the course of the wnter, apart from what we got in early to mid-December when we got the snow then.

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“This is kind of making up for it.

“It’s the cold plunge before the Spring warmth, that’s the direction of travel.

“We’re not sure what March is going to deliver in some form because we’re still waiting for the really horrendous stuff to arrive and it hasn’t really done that, so maybe there’s a lash to come.

“We’ve just got this transient wave going into the cold, with Scotland and the North colder than the South.

“And then coming out of it, and then going back in again. That’s what’s going on.

“Most of it is Atlantic orientated.

“It’s the polar front – the line that divides temperate air and polar air – that’s just waving over us, and it waves over the North more than the South.”

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