UK weather forecast: ‘Sub-tropical’ air from Europe to send temperatures soaring – maps

BBC Weather forecasts above average temperatures across UK

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Britons can expect soaring temperatures this weekend and climb even further into the mid-twenties next week as an area of high pressure builds over the UK. The latest maximum temperature maps produced by Netweather show vast areas of the UK turning a shade of red on Saturday as the heat begins to build.

The upturn in temperatures is set to continue into next week as the UK draws in “sub-tropical” air from Europe, according to the BBC’s long-range forecast.

A southerly breeze is set to send plumes of warmer air from France and Spain over the country, bringing dry and sunny spells to most places.

This weekend, central and southern parts of England are set to experience the warmest conditions, with highs of 23C, according to the latest maps.

Northern parts of the UK can expect thermometers to reach 22C by 3pm on Saturday, with 21C in parts of Wales.

By the late afternoon, isolated showers are forecast to drift eastwards with north eastern areas most affected.

Showers are set to clear overnight and temperatures are poised to remain above average on Sunday afternoon, with highs of 20C or 21C for most.

Spells of rain are forecast across central and eastern areas by the late afternoon before clearing northwards into next week.

The latest weather charts show the UK can expect the mild conditions to remain into the early part of the week, with temperatures remaining in the low twenties.

Dry and bright conditions are expected for most before temperatures sky-rocket by the middle of next week.

The latest maximum temperature charts predict the mercury will again reach 23C on Wednesday, September 22, before warm air from Europe sends thermometer dials to 24C in the south east of England on Thursday, September 23.

The heat blast from Europe is expected to create an east/west divide across the UK, with eastern areas basking in the summer conditions.

The BBC long-range forecast from Monday, September 20 says: “For the final full week of September, we expect high pressure to build in East or Northeast Europe with another high-pressure system lingering in the sub-tropical Atlantic to our southwest.”

The forecast also cautions an area of low pressure from Iceland which could bring spells of rain, before “occasional ridges of high-pressure mix things up with some dry, sunny breaks.”

It adds: “Temperatures will tend to fluctuate day-to-day but hover just above average. This is because low-pressure systems will slow down as they approach Europe, thanks to high pressure to the east.

“As they slow, warmer southwest winds will feed some sub-tropical Atlantic air into the UK. Cooler spells will happen behind cold fronts as the North Atlantic air moves in from the northwest.”


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Further south, Britons can expect southerly winds to push warm air in from France and Spain.

The BBC forecast adds: “Southern and eastern areas will tend to be a little drier overall, while western and northern areas see more frequent rainy days.

“The risk scenario is for a strong high-pressure system to build overhead, either extending into the UK from the east, which is less likely, or building in from the southwest, which is a bit more likely.

“This would be a dry, largely sunny, and warm pattern as southerly winds bring air in from Spain and France.”
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