UK weather forecast: White Christmas could happen! Frost, fog alert and SNOW could fall

BBC Weather: Strong winds and fog forecast for UK

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While temperatures this week will continue to remain mild for the time of year, Brian Gaze, creator of The Weather Outlook, says temperatures may drop next week. Coupled with the freeze, he said there will be a wider chance of frost and fog as we approach Christmas. Indeed, such is the drop in temperatures that Mr Gaze told, some parts of southern England may see a 6-7C (42-44F) plunge in the mercury next week.

Graphs from WXCharts claim the mercury may fall to -2C (28F) for some parts of the country.

This cold weather front is expected to remain across the UK next week and will likely carry through into Christmas day.

Mr Gaze also warned there may be the chance of a white Christmas, although he admitted the probability may be low.

Mr Gaze said: “It’s looking quite mild, benign and dry over the next few days.

“Temperatures above the December average, so 12-13C in the south, maybe 10-11 north.

“Next week, in the lead up to Christmas, it looks like it will be colder.

“So temperatures will be dropping from this weekend onwards.

“By the middle of next week, there will be a more widespread risk of frost and fog.

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“Daytime temperatures will fall to maybe 5-6C and may be slightly lower northwards.

“That will be what we’re stuck with for Christmas day but it is a long way away.

“I don’t think it will be a white Christmas but I wouldn’t rule it out just yet.

“There’s still a chance we could pull in colder air which could pull in wintry showers into Northern and Easterly parts of Britain as we get towards Christmas.

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“But it’s a small chance, may be a 20-30 percent chance.”

According to graphs from WXCharts, temperatures on December 23 will fall to 0C (32F) in the early hours of the morning.

These cold temperatures will be widespread across the country with only the Midlands recording a high of 2C.

In the evening, the north of Scotland and the Highlands will fall to -1C (30F).

These cold temperatures will continue on December 24, with the graphs showing Scotland recording a temperature of -2C.

Wales will also fall to -1C on December 24 while the south of England will experience temperatures around 0C.

On Christmas Day, however, temperatures are set to fall to -2C for large parts of the south.

For parts of the East of England and Midlands, the mercury will drop to -1C.

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