Ukraines three nuclear options to DESTROY Russian threat exposed

Boris Johnson addresses Ukraine joining NATO in Parliament

Ukraine has three options in taking down the deadly threat posed by Russia and its volatile president Vladimir Putin.

That’s the verdict of former Australian army general Mick Ryan, who believes Ukraine could employ a trio of tactics that would bring about an end to the horrifying violence in the months since the war began in February last year.

Bombs continue to rain down on Ukraine from Russia, which has accused Kyiv of launching an audacious plot to assassinate Putin through attack drones.

Russia’s state media claimed the attack was “planned terrorist action” and that Moscow’s military would fire back “whenever and wherever it sees fit”.

But for General Ryan the stark ultimatum issued by the Kremlin, while real, could be prevented.

Speaking to the MailOnline, General Ryan noted that one way Ukraine could strike would be “with a single big attack, using everything they got”.

Alternatively, Ukrainian officials may also decide to “split that force between simultaneous attacks in the south and east”, or instead opt for “smaller-scale attacks in both the south and east, which are not coordinated”.

General Ryan argued that a mixture of the second and third options would give Ukraine the best chance of success, as it was slower and more sustainable.

General Stephen Twitty, of the US military, followed suit, arguing a series of smaller attacks could eventually build success for Ukraine in the region.

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He added: “Ukraine will go with what has worked for them in the past.

“What the Ukrainians have been successful at doing is small-scale maneuvers using infantry, armour and artillery, to attack Russian forces in small areas, and gain ground.”

The state media of Russia’s latest attempts at justifying Moscow and Putin’s position in the war came as it emerged that the Russian despot was unharmed in the drone strike.

A statement from the Russian military said that two drones had been deployed in the supposed attack. Shortly after, the military claimed, it was disabled by Moscow’s defences.

Ukraine denied being involved, with the country’s internal ministry adviser Anton Geraschenko attacking “Russian partisans” for spreading the information.

The attacks on Ukraine come as an oil storage depot, close to a bridge that links Russia to its annexed Crimea, exploded after drones rained down on it – with many believing the strike was initiated by Kyiv.

Members of a Ukrainian sabotage network, which planned attacks in Crimea, were arrested on Wednesday, Russia’s FSB security service said.

In a statement, the organisation said: “The FSB has broken up the activities of an agent network of Ukrainian military intelligence planning to carry out major sabotage and terrorist attacks in Crimea.”

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