Ukrainian goat leaves Russian ­soldiers injured – after setting off a booby trap

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A Ukrainian goat has left dozens of Russian ­soldiers injured – after setting off a booby trap.

The troops were laying a ­tripwire around a hospital when the goat wandered towards it.

They had placed grenades around the edge of the building with the trap being used as a “circular defence”. But the creature, which had escaped from a nearby farm, triggered it with its “chaotic movements”.

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The munitions exploded in a chain reaction, leaving at least 40 soldiers hurt. Ukraine’s Chief Intelligence Directorate said: “As a result of the goat’s ‘chaotic’ movements, the animal ‘disposed of’ several grenades.”

The directorate added that “as a result of a chain reaction”, Mad Vlad’s soldiers “sustained injuries of varying degrees of ­severity” in the village of Kinski Rozdory in Zaporizhia Oblast, south-east Ukraine.

Although it is not clear if the beast survived, it is now being called the “Goat of Kyiv” online.

This is a nod to a heroic pilot called the “Ghost of Kyiv”, who is credited with shooting down Russian planes during the invasion.

The goat is not the first animal to help Ukraine’s war effort.

A Jack Russell, named Patron, has been widely praised for helping sniff out more than 200 explosives during the conflict.


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