Ukrainian initiative gives Russian troops choice to die in an unjust war or full amnesty

Ukraine: Captured Russian soldier appears to be crying

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In a message to the people of Ukraine, the Minister of Defence declared on Facebook that “the motivation of most invaders is low” and added that “in four days the losses of the Russian occupationists killed and wounded amounted to more than 5.3 thousand people”. The Minister showed sympathy for the soldiers sent from Russia to kill Ukrainians as he noted that “many of them are very young”.

He turned his criticism to Putin rather than the soldiers stating: “The Kremlin turns them into criminals, makes them murderers. 

“Some of them were deceived, some were zombied by propaganda or intimidated.”

He claimed that these young Russian troops are rendered useless when facing “the resistance of our heroic defenders”.

The initiative designed to appeal to these young and vulnerable Russian troops is as follows: “To save the lives of Ukrainians, the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine supported the initiative of the international IT community.

“It is very simple. We offer Russian Soldiers a choice: to die in an unjust war or a full amnesty and 5 million Rubles in compensation.”

The funds for the initiative are raised by leaders of the global IT industry and will appeal to Russian soldiers who have been forced to scavenge for food and loot supermarkets.

He called for the Russian troops to “start a new life” saying: “Anyone who refuses to be an occupationist will bring peace. For those who chose the path of the occupationist – there will be no mercy!”

He then followed up with a message direct to Russian troops on posters around the cities and online: “You were thrown to our land to murder and be murdered.”

Mr Reznikov’s rhetoric speaks of the reports of Russian troops deserting their posts, crying while guarding their posts, and of those who claim in text messages sent home that they are “scared” and were told lies about the military operations and how the Ukrainians would welcome them into Ukraine.

Ukrainian officials released the text messages of a Russian soldier he allegedly sent to his mother before he died in the fighting in Ukraine.

He said: “I’m scared, we’re hitting everyone, even civilians. We have been told that people would welcome us here, but they jump under our vehicles not letting us pass. They call us fascists. Mom, it’s so hard.” 

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The Defence Minister continued: “Do not follow the criminal orders of those who have lied to you for years about Ukraine and Ukrainian people.”

Appealing to the hearts of the Russian soldiers, he noted that the soldiers who have already been taken as prisoners of war “are already communicating with their loved ones” and are “in safety”.

He concluded his message saying: “Make your decision. Come out without weapon, with a white flag. Say the codeword – ‘million’. Stay alive. Hug your loved ones.”

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