Ukrainian woman raped over six-days as Russian soldiers put weapons inside her

A 19-year-old Ukrainian woman has revealed that during a six-day ordeal she was detained and raped by sick Russian soldiers who she claims forced weapons inside her intimate parts.

Nastya, who lives on the outskirts of Mariupol, the besieged city on the north coast of the Sea of Azov, told Ukrainian media of her ordeal after her area was captured by Vladimir Putin's troops.

The news comes as the United States and Europe urged Russia on June 6 to stop alleged sexual violence by its army and proxies in Ukraine, allegations that Moscow denounced as "lies."

Nastya, her younger sister and her grandmother were seeking refuge from the bombs in the basement beneath their house, which was decimated by a bomb in March.

She said they would only go above ground to breath fresh air for a few minutes. One day, she walked 30 meters from the shelter and encountered five Russian troops.

"One, perhaps the main one, then said: 'Whoa, beautiful girls'," she told news agency Vchasno.

The soldiers then put bags on the heads of the three family members and brought them to a house.

"One sat down next to my little sister, patted her on the head, then on the back, and said, 'what a beauty'. I died then, I swear. I don’t know what he meant, but I began to beg to let her go with grandmother, and leave me," Nastya continued.

"I was asked several times whether I was ready for anything and whether I would obey. I said I would do anything."

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The soldiers agreed to let Nastya's family members go, if she was "obedient".

She was left alone in the room for several hours. Nastya admits that there weren’t even tears, she just froze and waited for what would happen next.

Three men "introduced" themselves and began to undress her, mocking her and laughing.

That night she was raped by all three of them, sometimes by two men at once.

They put weapons to her mouth and intimate parts, laughed, and asked if she liked it, she told Vchasno.

"I remember it was already at the end. A fat, nasty, old man, finished, patted me on the back, and said: 'If someone would do it to my daughter, I would have killed him with my own hands'," she said.

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The assault continued for days. One man put a knife to Nastya's throat and demanded to say what she liked, otherwise they would cut her.

"They came with guns as if I could do something to them, and they assaulted me. Sometimes from the front, sometimes from behind, sometimes two of them. Once, only once, three of them tried at the same time. But it didn't work out. I don’t want to talk about it," Nastya said.

Nastya escaped when a drugged up or drunk Russian soldier took her outside to assault her, before falling over himself, allowing her to run away even though her hands were tied.

She ran to a random building and found two women before feinting and waking up in hospital. The girl later found out that she and the two women were evacuated by volunteers.

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