UKs grumpiest chippy owner destroys customers who leave bad reviews on Google

The UK's grumpiest chippy owner has struck again with a verbal battering of a customer in a Google review rant peppered with swear words.

Gary Moss, 55, responded to the bad review from an unsatisfied customer with an expletive-laden reply in which he told the punter to "get a life".

Gary's blunt barbs earned him thousands of fans online last year when a Twitter user shared the traditional fryer's replies to his disgruntled diners' feedback.

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And when customer Kev Elleray complained that The Old Smithy chippy in Ambleside, Cumbria, served up "pale chips" and an "unpalatable yellow mush" lining the fish batter, he got a taste of Gary's wrath too.

The rattled owner fired back by saying: "I'll give you a f*****g clue – it's fried in oil."

Leaving a two-star review online, Kev wrote: "Opening the box there was a lot of fat along the crease that quickly solidified.

"The chips were a little pale and though a bit greasy tasted ok, the fish looked to be a decent size and was a nice colour and crispy on the outside.

"But unfortunately the inside of the batter was lined with a thick layer of yellow mush , not sure what causes this, is it too much flour? Oil? Not cooked long enough?

"Either way it's very unpalatable, the fish itself tasted ok but was far too greasy for our liking. Hard to recommend based on this experience."

But Gary, who hit the headlines last year for his ruthless responses to a string of one-star reviews, hit back in typical fashion.

The businessman wrote: “Well you know NOT to call again don't you and this is only your opinion. Seriously, get a life.

“Fish tasted okay? Really? Thanks, it's as fresh as you can get.

"Did you ask for very lightly battered? Obviously not as we do it as most people like it battered but try not to be too heavily battered.

“My other point is this, greasy you say lol well I'll give you a f*****g clue it's fried in oil and unless I'm a magician it will have a tiny bit left on it. My last point, soggy chips.

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“You sound like you know it all, it always the sure sign of an ignorant t**t.

"It is though a sign that the potatoes are still new season potatoes and you DO NOT get burnt or crispy new potatoes chips."

After telling the disgruntled poster to "stick his opinion", he politely signs off: "Regards Gary.”

Gary has made a name for himself with his pointed retorts.

He even told one man to "stick his unbattered sausage right up his a**e" after a complaint.

Last week, a customer left a one-word review that simply read: "Expensive."

But undeterred, Gary replied: "Quality is never cheap."

And a month ago, he blasted one reviewer "an a**e hole" after they moaned about "tiny portions for a large chips" and a battered sausage that "tasted like it had been sitting around for a long time".

One reviewer was told to "f**k off elsewhere" after they wrote: "Disgusting overpriced food fish swimming in grease, chips not cooked and quite frankly the place needs a bloody good clean."

After one customer moaned about the price, Gary wrote: "If you don't like our prices f**k off somewhere else.

"I seriously don't need to explain everything to you. The price for regular fish and chips to take away is £10.80, which is the normal price now.

"From your other reviews I'm not the one with an attitude either but you are one of those t**ts I don't need in my shop.

"Please never step foot in my shop ever again. You really are one sad f**ker."


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