UKs oldest weightlifter smashes records by lifting more than his bodyweight

The UK's "oldest weightlifter" has smashed a world record by lifting more than his own body weight in a seriously impressive feat of physical fitness.

Brian Winslow, 86, from Derbyshire, mounted a strong first attempt at a deadlift championships earlier this month, and he smashed two records in the process.

Appearing in the 2023 British Drug Free Powerlifting Association (BDFPA) tournament, absolute unit Brian lifted more than his own bodyweight, setting a record for someone of his age and weight.

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A second attempt saw the 86-year-old lift a hefty 77.5kg, bagging a triple bill of records, before attempting and unfortunately not succeeding in lifting 78kg.

But the grandfather is now a British and World Record holder, smashing the 60kg category for men aged between 85 and 89 years.

Confirmation from BDFPA positioned the pensioner in the top spot, with Mr Winslow "obviously delighted" at his feat of endurance, which started when he was a young man moving deckchairs in Devon.

The former beach attendant said: "I'm obviously delighted. It's always great to get a record or two. I was exhausted straight after but okay."

Absolute champion Brian has since explained his pursuit of the records and said he would continue on as long as he can.

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The Zen Buddhist, who admitted his "obsessed" fascination with weightlifting, wants to push on as a top-level performer for as long as his body lets him, BBC News reported.

Mr Wilson said: "I think it's the best event but it is the most taxing. Weightlifting is a huge part of my life, alongside my children and grandchildren. I'll keep carrying on for as along as the body allows."

Deadlifting, which involves raising weights to waist height and holding them there, was part of the BDFPA event where Brian set the national record.

A 78kg lift may have eluded him, but the hench pensioner is hoping to stay fit and hit that next weight goal.


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