Uri Geller will use his psychic powers to stop Putin from starting World War 3

Celebrity psychic Uri Geller claims he has the power to pull Vladimir Putin back from the brink of war – but he'll only intervene if the Ukrainian top brass or Joe Biden ask for his help.

The spoon-bender believes he has the ability to avert World War Three from breaking out between Russia and NATO allies.

The self-proclaimed psychic – famed for appearing to bend cutlery with his mind on the telly – claims he's successfully de-escalated similar geo-political quagmires in the past.

Both Boris Johnson and French premier Emmanuel Macron have tried to persuade Putin to withdraw his estimated 130,000 troops from Ukraine's border.

Now, paranormal superstar Geller claims he could step in and save the day where political bigwigs have failed, saying "I believe so" when asked if he could stop the looming war.

But he will only intervene if he's asked by US or Ukrainian authorities.

Uri claims that he's much-loved in the under-threat Eastern European country.

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Speaking from Israel, the 75-year-old said: "I always use my powers and abilities and skills only when I'm asked by official bodies.

"For instance, when the Americans wanted the Russians to sign the nuclear arms reduction treaty, I was asked, I was briefed, and I flew to Geneva with them.

"Americans bombarded the Russians to sign the nuclear treaty which they did.

"Obviously I can't take full credit for everything but there is no doubt in my mind that I was helpful, I pushed it through."

Geller claims to have used his “telepathic abilities” to assist the CIA in negotiations with the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

The claims have been reported previously but as yet have not been substantiated by The Pentagon.

He added: "So I don't just go out and do something on my own or by myself, I have to get an official invitation to do something, then I judge, I wait and then I can do whatever I feel is the right move."

Uri said it would take a specific request "either by the Americans or Ukrainians" to draw him into the potentially world-ending conflict.

The illusionist added: "I don't want to sound that I'm boasting but I'm very well known in Ukraine, I had a lot of television series there and everyone knows me there.

"But that is really down to negotiations, it's also down to my remote viewing skills, but I'm sure I would be able to help."

But he wouldn't reveal how exactly he'd assist, saying "that's confidential".

Pressed whether he really thinks he could help de-escalate the stand-off, he added: "I believe so.

"I look at my track record in this type of situations …I believe so."

Uri previously claimed to have helped Boris Johnson win the 2019 General Election after giving him a spoon once owned by former Israeli PM Golda Meir.

His latest offer of aid comes as the PM prepares to head to Poland in a bid to reassure the Eastern European ally of Britain's support.

Foreign secretary Liz Truss and defence chief Ben Wallace are both expected to jet to Moscow for negotiations this week.

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