US election LIVE: Trump given last minute push as polls with Biden narrow ahead of results

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Joe Biden, in recent months, has been leading in the polls as the Democrat races Donald Trump to the White House. However, Mr Biden while still in the lead in most battleground states has lost some ground in Florida, Arizona and his home state of Pennsylvania, according to RealClearPolitics. The former vice president has also seen a dip in the RCP National Average poll for the US Election 2020.

For many Americans, this has become the coronavirus election with Mr Trump’s initial successes since taking over from Barack Obama taking a hit from the pandemic.

the final year of Mr Trump’s presidency has become defined by the loss of more than a million jobs and the deaths of at least 230,000 people from the coronavirus.

President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus has been a cornerstone of Mr Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris’ campaigns.

However, experts and politicians around the world have not written off Mr Trump just yet.

In the UK it is believed a Trump re-election could be beneficial for a US-UK trade agreement as Mr Biden has been critical of decisions made by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Meanwhile, Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has declared he is confident the US President will be re-elected.

Democrats are favourable position to re-take the Senate from the Republicans, which could see the party with control of the US Congress – they already hold the majority in the House of Representatives.

In total 12 Republican-held seats and two Democratic-held seats are in play in the Senate race.

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Embattled Republican senators including Trump ally Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and moderate Susan Collins of Maine could face the wrath of US voters.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the top Republican in Congress, said at a campaign stop: “There are dogfights all over the country.”

He described the possibility of Republicans holding onto the Senate majority as a “50-50 proposition”.


2pm update: Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah and Nebraska polls open

1.30pm update: Arkansas polls open

1.10pm update: Donald Trump sounds noticeably hoarse during a call with Fox News

Piers Morgan tweeted: “I don’t want to over-excite my liberal friends but President Trump’s losing his voice…. never heard him sound so tired & hoarse.”

1pm: Alabama, Minnesota, Arizona, Kansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin, Iowa polls open

12.30pm update: UK will get a trade deal with the US regardless of the US election result, says top envoy

Robert Johnson, the US ambassador to the UK, suggested a US-UK trade deal will happen regardless of whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden wins the presidency.

He said: “I’m confident our countries can get this done no matter what happens today.”

12pm update: US voters in Maryland, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Louisiana, Maine, South Carolina and Delaware are now heading to the polls

Florida is considered a key battleground for President Trump with some polls suggesting the sunny state could swing to Mr Biden.

With 29 electoral votes, Florida is seen as the biggest must-win for Mr Trump as a loss there would block most of the US President’s viable paths to winning the Electoral College.

Results in Florida, where mail-in ballots can be counted before Election Day, are expected to begin to come in relatively quickly on Tuesday night.

11.30am update: North Carolina, Ohio, West Virginia polls open

Ohio and North Carolina are considered key battleground states for Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Ohio, which swung Blue for Barack Obama, and North Carolina both voted for Mr Trump in 2016.

11am update: Polls open in Donald Trump’s home state of New York

New York is widely considered a ‘blue state’ and despite being the birthplace of Donald Trump the state voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Voting closes at 9pm local time in New York.

Connecticut, New Jersey, Indiana, Virginia and Kentucky have also opened their polling stations to voters.

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