US Election polls tracker: Joe Biden benefits as Trump tax scandal SHATTERS image

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US election polls have recently shown a slight resurgence by Donald Trump, who has managed to close in on his rival by a point or two. The President has whittled down a nearly double-digit lead to the high singles ahead of the first debates, giving his supporters some hope. But they won’t get a chance to revel, as the incumbent will enter live debates under the shadow of another image-shattering scandal.

The latest polling from analysts at FiveThirtyEight shows Mr Biden has retained a lead of 7.3 percent.

He reigns from a perch of 50.3 percent of the prospective vote to Mr Trump’s 43 percent.

While the gap remains relatively wide, the incumbent has closed it by roughly three points compared to a peak of 9.6 percent in July.

Voters seem to have rallied, but punters believe the latest tax scandal will send them packing.

Odds Mr Trump will retain the presidency have cut from 11/10 to 6/5, with 65 percent of all bets now behind Mr Biden according to

The Democrat has managed to obtain odds of 8/11 to win, shortened from 4/5 earlier this year.

He has also received 81 percent of the money staked on the Presidential race.

Oddschecker added bookmakers have predicted a 56 percent implied probability Mr Biden will win, with 45.5 percent for Mr Trump.

Oddschecker spokesperson Callum Wilson revealed the recent tax scandal transferred voter intention behind Mr Biden.

He said: “In a market that punters cannot get enough of, it appears that the Trump train may be starting to derail.

“Trump enjoyed a resurgence in the market over the last few months, enjoying the majority of bets.

“However, hitting the headlines over tax payments is never ideal PR, and punters have returned to Biden again – for the short term at least.”

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The scandal scaring voter emerged in the New York Times today, as the publication published the President’s long-disputed tax returns.

They revealed the purported millionaire had paid just $750 of tax in 2016 and 2017 on top of chronic financial problems.

The paper added he paid no income tax in the previous 10 to 15 years, thanks in part to reported losses.

Revenue drops from his businesses helped him secure tax breaks such as this.

Supporters may find themselves drifting from under the President’s wing as fractures form in his carefully cultivated image.

The property mogul spent much of his 2016 campaign framing himself as a successful blue-collar billionaire who encapsulated the tenets of the American dream.

But the revelations which emerged today show a struggling entrepreneur who has both mislead voters and brought new challenges to the White House.

Mr Trump, however, branded the claims “fake” and “phoney”, adding he “paid a lot”, and would release his returns after a protracted battle with the IRS ends.

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