US seizes oligarchs £259m luxury yacht with live lobster tank, pool and helipad

United States officials have seized a Russian oligarch's luxury yacht, reported to be valued at £259m ($325m) after a recent court ruling.

The 348-foot-long vessel measured in at half the length of a football field, with officials moving it almost immediately after the court ruled in favour of its seizing.

The super yacht Amadea, which includes a live lobster tank and helipad, as well as its own on-board pool, was another blow to Russia and its sanctioned oligarchs over the war in Ukraine.

The FBI have linked ownership of the yacht to oligarch Suleyman Kerimov.

Efforts to seize Russian superyachts in the US had encountered several obstacles, but the recent court victory provides a boost to US sanctioning endeavours.

A Supreme Court in Fiji has lifted a stay order which prevented the US from seizing the Amadea, which was harboured in Fiji.

Chief Justice Kamal Kumar said that housing the vessel was "costing the Fijian government dearly" and warned that the chances defence lawyers had in an appeal to a higher court were "nil to very slim."

The judge also found that the Amadea had "sailed into Fiji waters without any permit and most probably to evade prosecution by the United States of America."

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Court documents showed that Kerimov and his family were using code names to purchase items for the yacht, which included a pizza oven and spa bed.

The ship had been a target of Task Force KleptoCapture since March in an attempt to seize Russian oligarch assets to increase pressure on Russian diplomats, APNews reported.

Amadea, which is said to have sailed thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean to Fiji, also included a hand-painted piano, live lobster tank and swimming pool.

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