Vandal ‘did poo on floor of police cell’ after trashing cars with chisel

A vandal who acted out a bizarre “dirty protest” in his cell after being caught has admitted damaging four vehicles and leaving human poo in a police cell.

Steven Clark, 53, told police he was only vandalising the vehicles "for the craic” when they caught him with a chisel in hand after noticing he was "behaving suspiciously".

Police approached him in Bedminster on Thursday, January 9, the court heard, after noticing he was "behaving suspiciously".

Speaking during the hearing at Bristol Magistrates' Court on Wednesday (January 27), prosecution barrister May Li said: "Officers (on patrol) approached him with their body cameras on and saw he was holding a chisel in his right hand."

They noticed "fresh damage" on the cars, she said, including long scratch marks.

She added: "He became abusive, calling the officers f****ng w***ers."

He then told them "I wished I'd smashed that car into pieces", the court heard.

A white Mini, a green Mini, a white Mercedes and a black Toyota were damaged, reports Bristol Live.

The court was not told precisely where the cars had been parked, nor how extensive the damage was.

Quoting Clark's outburst to police officers at the scene, Ms Li added: "(He said) I was doing it for the fun of it, it was for the craic."

It was while in custody, having been arrested and charged for the damage to the cars, that Clark's next offence was committed.

He was at Ashmead Road Police Centre in Keynsham on Tuesday (January 26), awaiting his court appearance.

The prosecution barrister continued: "He got out of his bed, walked to the corner of his cell and urinated on the cell walls.

"He then walked back towards his bed, but halfway there turned around, pulled down his trousers and defecated on the floor.

"Then he went back to his bed, got in it and went to sleep."

The cost of deep-cleaning the cell was said to be £89 – although, speaking from the dock, Clark claimed he had cleaned it up himself.

Magistrates heard how the defendant, who is also known as Sean Hyatt according to the court list, has a "list of (previous) convictions".

He pleaded guilty to all five counts of criminal damage, and magistrates committed his case up to the Crown Court for sentencing.

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