Villagers carry old mans entire house so he can relocate closer to his kids

A group of villagers lifted up a man's entire house, reportedly to move it closer to his kids after his partner died.

The impressive feat, which was filmed and posted to Reddit, saw dozens of village inhabitants band together to lift up the nipa hut – a type of home traditionally found in the lowlands of the Philippines – using wooden beams.

"The grandfather didn’t have anyone to take care of him because his wife was already dead so his children wanted him to live nearby," the original poster of the video, u/westcoastcdn19, wrote.

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"However, his house was too heavy for his relatives so some of our neighbors volunteered to help."

The user added that the man's daughters cooked a meal for the kind neighbours who had helped to carry the home, a good deed that reportedly took around two hours.

While the show of camaraderie might seem extreme, some Redditors said this kind of fellowship has historically been common practice in the Philippines.

One took to the comments to explain it was a classic example of "Bayanihan" culture, a Filippino custom that roughly translates to "being a part of the community".

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This Filippino custom is a kind of community spirit that sees members of a group come together to help others without expecting a reward, according to

"This is literally old-school Filipino 'Bayanihan' culture," they commented below the heartwarming video.

"Our school textbooks have the whole community helping out to move nipa huts as a prime example. You’ll even see it depicted in paintings.

"I never thought this sort of event still happens today, since most homes here are now built with concrete, hollow blocks and reba," they added.

Another agreed: "This (townsfolk coming together to move an actual house) used to be quite the common practice in the Philippines. The overarching term for it is bayanihan which literally means 'to take part in the community'. Bayan = town/community + (h)an = to do together."

Others rushed to the comments to celebrate the show of solidarity, bemoaning the lack of group mentality in their own countries.

"We lack a community like this in the western world. Everyone seems to be so isolated and anti-social here," another Redditor added.

"It takes a village. Thank you. It brought tears to my eyes," a third chimed in.

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