Vladimir Putins Achilles heel exposed as Russias flawed invasion plan unravels

Ukraine's people 'will be Putin's Achilles heel' says Keane

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General Jack Keane, a retired US four-star general, has said that Vladimir Putin has “over-reached” with his invasion of Ukraine. General Keane said the Russian invasion plan was overly “complicated and ambitious” and would easily backfire on the Kremlin. The retired general told Fox News that underground resistance in Ukraine and a revolt at home in Russia could scupper President Putin’s plans.

General Keane said: “He has a major campaign he is running here.

“Putin has selected the most ambitious and most complicated military ambition for this campaign.

“He is attacking on four fronts in terms of the ground assault. Each one of them requires their own logistics infrastructure and requires its own pre-assault fires.

“It is very complicated. I think it surprised most of us when this was unfolding a few days ago.”

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General Keane said that underground networks of resistance in Ukraine were already forming.

He continued: “I think this is an over-reach for Putin, personally.

“The Ukrainian people have already driven out one of his Russian-friendly governments once before.

“Millions of Ukrainians will not run away. Most of them will stay. Over time, I think this is Putin’s Achilles heel.

“He will defeat the Ukrainian military, he overmatches them. That is a foregone conclusion.

“But he will not defeat the Ukrainian people, so he will deal with this for years to come.”

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He also predicted a rebellion at home in Russia, adding: “No amount of sanctions will stop him installing his own government and taking control.

“But there is already resistance inside Russia to this invasion move.

“At the end of the day, the Russian people see Ukrainians as their friends.”


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This comes as the Russian Defence Ministry confirmed that its forces had seized control of the key Hostomel airfield near Kyiv.

They said that the Russian military “eliminated” more than 200 people from Ukraine’s special units and Kyiv was now “blocked from the West”.

The mayor of Kyiv has since warned that the Ukrainian capital has entered into “a defensive phase”.

The UN human rights office claims at least 127 civilians have been killed or injured in Ukraine due to Russian “shelling and airstrikes”.

Earlier today Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy again called on Vladimir Putin to return to the negotiation table and stop his war effort.

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