Vladimir Putins pal threatens London nuclear attack in chilling interview

A Putin crony has delivered a stark warning to the UKby suggesting that its cities could be targeted by nuclear weapons if support for Ukraine is continued.

Sergei Markov said that the support from the UK Government is tantamount to aggression against Russia, and we should expect a response – with London in the firing line.

The professor of international relations at Moscow University, ex-Kremlin man and former adviser to Putin himself was speaking on the BBC's Today Programme on Radio 4.

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"In Russia there's partial mobilisation and for your British listeners, Vladimir Putin told you that he would be ready to use nuclear weapons against Western countries… including against Great Britain."

The UK, along with its NATO allies, has been supplying Ukraine with weapons systems in defence against Putin's "special operation" that kicked off in late February.

"If Great Britain will continue to be aggressor against Russia… if Prime Minister of Great Britain Liz Truss still has a plan to destroy Russia, people in London should understand the threat [of nuclear weapons]," Markov added, accusing the West of using Ukrainian soldiers as 'slaves' to weaken the Russian army.

"It was absolutely clear that Russia has no war against Ukraine…there's no reason to use tactical nuclear weapons against Ukrainians.

"But Ukraine is occupied by Western countries… it's Western countries fighting against Russian army, using Ukrainian soldiers as their slaves. This was the main idea of Vladimir Putin."

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It comes after Russian TV host Olga Skabeeva suggested that the Queen’s funeral would have been an ideal time for Vladimir Putin to hit the UK with missiles, because Putin wasn't there.

Speaking in a clip translated and shared on Twitter by journalist Julia Davis (@JuliaDavisNews), Duma deputy Andrey Gurulyov embarked on a rant against Britain.

He raged: “Why would we bomb Ukraine or Germany when there is Britain, the root of evil?"

Olga interrupted, adding: “We should have done it today, when all the best people are there for the funeral, God forgive me.

Spurred on by the host, Gurulyov continued his threats, urging: “When Britain is turned into a Martian desert, will they defend a Martian desert per their Fifth Article? There will be nothing left.

“What do they call it? An unshakeable island? We’ll shake it up.”

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