Wandering walrus Thor rocks up in Yorkshire as crowds told to stay away

A walrus nicknamed 'Thor' that washed up on Yorkshire street garnered crowds of more than 50 people who were in awe of the large animal.

Crowds began forming at Scarborough Harbour on New Year's Eve as the walrus arrived on the slipway into the North Yorkshire harbour at midnight, Yorkshire Live reported.

Upon the finding of the mammal, police and rescue teams arrived onto the scene to make sure Thor was not disturbed.

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Some said that the visit of the walrus had them "exhilarated" and that it was a "great way to end 2022".

According to Molly Gray, Rescue and Community Co-ordinator, the walrus is older than three, a male and "sexually mature but not socially mature, yet".

Ms Gray said: "It's really important that the walrus is left with plenty of space and a quiet environment so it's able to rest. Walruses make long journeys so it's really important that he conserves his energy.

"Our biggest advice is to stay away, and I know it's tempting to go and see him.

"We're not really sure why he's there to be honest, we can confirm it was the same walrus that was in Southampton about a month ago. Hopefully he's making the journey back up north.

Jamie Johnson, who arrived at 7:30am, called the experience "a great memory" as he said: "For me to get as close to one is an absolutely exhilarating feeling. It's unsurprisingly the first time I've ever seen one in the wild and certainly a great memory to end 2022."

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Fellow onlooker Kate Stephenson said: "I saw him about 7.30/7.45am on the slipway into the harbour. He was sleeping at first, then woke up, had a look around and pulled himself a bit further up onto the slope.

"There was also a marine vet and a couple of rescue workers with a car pulled up on the slipway, they were having a number of discussions, but no actual activity. One of the cafes brought them tea, which was the most British thing ever."


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