Wastewater overflows into Wellington’s harbour after pipe blocks

A blocked pipe near Queens Wharf in Wellington has sent wastewater flowing into the harbour just hours after Oriental Bay residents were left without water in a separate incident.

Wellington Water is still quantifying how much wastewater has been discharged.

But pump station operators have removed the blockage and the overflow has stopped, Wellington Water reported.

“We are currently waiting for traffic management to set up site to allow for flusher trucks to access the wastewater network to assist with removing additional fatbergs that are hindering the flow to the pump station.

“Upon completion we will flush the overflow outlet to remove any residue.”

Fatbergs are lumps of congealed fats, oils, and food waste washed down people’s sinks, which grow larger as they pass through pipes.

They can become big enough to bust through pipes causing wastewater overflows that can contaminate homes, the environment, or ruin infrastructure.

Signage warning of the overflow at Queens Wharf has been installed and commercial properties in the surrounding area have been notified.

Water samples will be taken for the next three days.

Earlier this morning, Wellington Water crews responded to a burst watermain along Oriental Parade.

Water was shut off in the area leaving 100 properties going without.

Bottled water was made available and a water tanker was sent to the site.

Wellington Water teams managed to repair the burst by 10.45am and water was restored to residents.

The water company advises those in the area to run a cold tap for at least 10 minutes, preferably up to 20 minutes, to remove any air pockets and cloudy water from the pipes before using hot taps, dishwashers and washing machines.

At the weekend, a watermain burst on Agra Crescent in the suburb of Khandallah sending water skyrocketing up into the air.

The burst left almost 100 properties without water before Wellington Water could repair it.

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