Water companies beg people to take shorter showers amid heatwave drought fear

Water companies fearing the worst for the heatwave hitting the UK have begged people to keep their showers short as taps could run dry.

Suppliers could struggle to cope with the demand for cool water over the coming days as the Met Office predict parts of the UK will heat up to a blistering 40C.

With most of England heating up to temperatures over 35C, water companies have begged members of the public not to waste water, with fears of a drought on the horizon.

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Fears have grown so much from water companies that pop-up water bottle stations are being propped up to combat the high demand for supplies during the heatwave.

Yorkshire Water are one firm to plead with residents to not waste water, asking customers to take a four-minute shower to help limit potential disruptions to the supply line.

They even put together a playlist of tracks to help people get in and out the shower in their recommended time, including the likes of Happy Mondays and David Bowie in a one-track shower recommendation.

Anglian have taken a similar hardline to showering, but have offered up five minutes to its four million customers, who they are also advising to not wash their cars and to "learn to love a brown lawn".

Severn Trent has had to request customers turn off the tap while they brush their teeth, and on Sunday, residents of Norfolk were stranded without water for more than 30 hours after a burst pipe.

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Other water companies have released statements relating to the potential loss of water supply, with Bristol Water asking customers to manage their water use accordingly and to take shorter showers.

A statement from the company, reported by The Mirror, said: "It said: "With the weather getting warmer, you may experience a drop in water pressure, especially during peak times.

"As temperatures rise, water use tends to increase as we all try to cool down with showers, hoses and paddling pools, which increases the demand on our network.

"This may mean you notice your water tastes a little bit different to normal. Don't worry, though, this will return to normal as temperatures start to cool down again."


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