Water-loving corgi compared to a frog after demanding play time in the shower

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Owner Zi Milton, from Missouri, USA, can’t have a shower alone in peace without the little dog, called Bagel, at her feet.

The demanding pup hops around the shower and barks, waiting for the waterworks to turn on. 

One-year-old Bagel is up for anything when it comes to getting her paws wet. 

Zi compares her to a frog with her water-crazy personality. Whether it’s raining outside, shower time, or swimming in lakes, Bagel makes sure she’s making the most out of the opportunity.

Zi told TeamDogs: “I think she might actually be a frog. She does it every single time I go in the shower. But I don’t mind it, she sits there and I’ll splash her.”

Zi, 26, caught Bagel’s shower antics on video and uploaded it to a corgi Facebook group.

Bagel stands in the shower and barks, urging Zi to turn on the shower immediately. Bagel then jumps up with her eyes on the shower dial, tapping her paws with enthusiasm until the shower comes on.

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Zi said: “She usually gets the zoomies and dries off that way, but it’s the same with all water – even the cat spray bottle, she’ll bark until I spray her with it.”

The video soon became popular, hitting over 1.2k likes, and it gave other corgi owners a good laugh.

One user said: “The tippy tappy on the wall I cannot!” as another said, “I’m here for the Bagel content.”

Bagel has a TikTok account which further proves she’s a water-crazy dog. 

In one video, which you can watch here, Bagel is seen having a snooze while Zi lists off ‘favourite words’. 

Bagel doesn’t bat an eyelid for ‘puppuccino’ and ‘jerky’ but as soon as she hears ‘go for a swim’ she sits up without hesitation.

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