We have nothing Putin humiliated as Russian soldiers claims army has no training

Russian soldiers look ‘desperate’ says Ukrainian

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Russian troops who have been captured in Ukraine, and are now speaking out on the conditions, with one saying they were “thrown into war like Jackals.” With the conflict now surpassing 70 days since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia under the pretext of a “special operation” reports suggest over 23,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in the conflict, and many more captured by Ukrainian defence forces.

Throughout the war, there has been a constant stream of reports stating Russian troops have become demoralised by the conflict.

Images of broken-down vehicles lining the streets of Ukraine with no fuel were common at the start of the invasion.

Troops captured by Ukrainian forces were quick to ask for phone calls home to parents desperate to know the fate of their sons, many of whom were conscripts.

As the war raged on, Russian troops became more desperate, often stealing food from locals to stem their hunger.

Yet with little progress made in central and northern Ukraine, Russian forces were forced to step back and regroup, focusing attention on eastern Ukraine, and the Donbas region.

In a Sun exclusive, Russian soldiers were seen in a detention camp near Dnipro, Ukraine.

The media outlet spoke to two Russian soldiers who claimed they had been treated well and had been visited by members of the International Committee of the Red Cross to check on their welfare.

Speaking of the conditions in which they served the Russian army, one of the detainees said: “They don’t care about their men.

“They treat us like dogs.”

The soldier claimed plans were not clear as to the mission they were supposed to conduct at the start of the invasion.

He said: “At first we didn’t realise where we were or where we were going, but on the second day we knew.

“We crossed into Ukrainian territory and we knew because we saw the border fence destroyed.

“We were ordered to fan out the vehicles and given coordinates to fire.

“We didn’t know what we were firing at, but now I have been told we were hitting a village with civilians.”

He added: “A lot of people think it is the second army in the world, but we have nothing. We have no training, we have no equipment and it is a crime to say that in Russia.”

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Another soldier captured spoke of how he had been captured in an ambush and had no training as to how to deal with such a situation.

He said: “We only do field exercises twice a year.

“We go away for a month, twice a year, and practice firing, but we don’t train for ambushes.

“Artillery isn’t supposed to be ambushed.”

Numerous reports have emerged from Ukraine surrounding a series of war crimes committed by Russian soldiers, including execution-style murders, rape and torture.

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When informed of such allegations, both soldiers were shocked.

One said: “I have thought about war crimes a lot. I believe it.

“Because I know how things go in my country.

“And because they let anyone join the army.”

The other said: “I am shocked. They are just idiots.”

Both troops now hope to become part of a prisoner swap with Russia.

One ended by saying: “I just want to see my mum and girlfriend again.”

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