When will it rain in London? Latest forecasts show rain showers could BREAK heatwave

Weather: Britain braces for 'tropical' nights in heatwave

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The intense temperatures follow weeks of dry weather, leaving the UK on the verge of an environmental crisis. Fires have ignited in dry brush across London while plummeting reservoir levels have persuaded Thames Water to impose its first hosepipe ban in a decade. The city is in desperate need of rain, and the latest forecasts show there is some on the horizon.

When will it rain in London?

Met Office weather forecasts show that the last few days of this week and the coming weekend – from August 11 to 14 – will bring 32C highs.

The city will cool down early the following week, with the mercury dropping by 4C between August 14 and 15.

That colder window will give way to some rain with the first showers of the month.

The Met Office predicts that August 15 will remain sunny, with highs of 28C, but scattered showers should break up some of the heat.

The agency has given the city a 40 percent chance of evening precipitation, forecasting rain between 4pm and 7pm.

Tuesday, August 16, should bring a cloudy, cool day with 25C highs.

Londoners can expect another round of showers on the day during the same window as Monday, between 4pm and 7pm.

Chances are also similar, with a 40 percent likelihood of rain around 4pm and 30 percent from 7pm.

Beyond those next five days, the forecast for London is less certain, but weather radars have given a partial picture for the weeks ahead.

WXCharts, which uses data from MetDesk, has predicted more scattered showers on August 17 from the early morning, around 6am.

The same goes for Thursday, August 18, with additional rain likely from 12am.

The Met Office long-range forecast, which covers August 15 to 24, states that the coming rainfall should mark a “breakdown” of the UK’s recent streak of sky-high temperatures.

Some incoming showers could become dramatic, as the agency predicts “heavy and thundery” spells interrupting persistent dryness.

Temperatures should continue to decrease, eventually returning to the monthly average.

And towards late August, people should brace for heavier, more widespread showers.

The forecast states: “Later in the period, the more changeable weather will prevail with a risk of heavy showers or thunderstorms continuing, but clear and dry spells in between too.

“Returning to warm or very warm towards the end of the period for much of England and Wales, perhaps becoming locally hot in parts of the south and southeast.”

Although less accurate, the Met Office forecast for August 25 to September 8 suggests rainy spells will continue.

But continued above average temperatures with “the occasional chance of very warm spells” could mean that the UK suffers through unseasonably dry weather for another month.

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