While You Were Sleeping: 5 stories you might have missed, May 29

Trump says he’s signing order to limit Twitter’s legal protections

President Donald Trump signed an executive order that he said would limit liability protections social-media companies enjoy after Twitter began selective fact checks of his posts on the platform.

Under current law, companies like Twitter and Facebook are protected for users’ posts.

The companies “will not be able to keep their liability shield” under the order, Trump told reporters at the White House.

A White House spokesman said the president signed the order after reporters were escorted out of the Oval Office. The text of the order was not immediately released.


Britain plans citizenship for Hong Kong residents in row with China

Britain’s Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab warned the government will open a path to citizenship for 300,000 Hong Kong residents unless China backs down on its planned security laws.

Raab said visa rights will be extended for British National (Overseas) passport holders as the dispute with Beijing over the reforms to Hong Kong residents’ rights escalated.

The minister said he was making the move after China formally announced their decision “to impose security legislation on the people of Hong Kong.”


Feline good: French cat Papille survives coronavirus infection

Papille purrs contentedly as her owner rubs the back of her head, her coat glossy and her eyes a piercing green – back to her old affection-seeking self after recovering from Covid-19.

The nine-year-old cat is the first known case of a pet being infected by the coronavirus in France. There have only been a handful of other known cases globally.

The likely source of infection: her owners, themselves Covid-19 sufferers.


Football: Premier League to restart season on June 17

Premier League clubs on Thursday agreed to restart the 2019/20 season on June 17, provided that all safety requirements are in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Aston Villa versus Sheffield United and Manchester City versus Arsenal – both rearranged games – will take place on that date, the English top-flight said in a statement.

After those matches, all 20 clubs would have played 29 matches heading into the weekend of June 19-21, when the rest of the top flight is scheduled to be in action.


Rescheduled Boston Marathon now cancelled due to coronavirus

The Boston Marathon has been cancelled for the first time in the event’s 124-year history because of ongoing coronavirus fears, officials confirmed on Thursday.

Boston mayor Marty Walsh said that the race, which had already been postponed to Sept 14 from its April slot, would not now be held as planned for public health reasons.

“There’s no way to hold the usual race format without bringing large numbers of people into close proximity,” Walsh said in an announcement.


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