White House Farm killer Jeremy Bamber attempts to get life sentence overturned

The legal team for notorious killer Jeremy Bamber could get his life sentence overturned as fresh evidence has emerged, it has been revealed.

Bamber, also known as the White House Farm killer, was convicted of a brutal shooting which saw five members of his family shot dead in August 1985.

The now 61-year-old was named as the suspect who killed his adoptive parents Nevill and June, his sister Sheila Caffell, 26 and her twin sons Daniel and Nicholas, aged 6, in Tolleshunt D'Arcy Essex.

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It has been reported that his defence have submitted the new evidence to the Criminal Cases Review Commission.

They claim Essex Police meddled with evidence and that burns to Bamber’s father’s back was caused not by the butt of the rifle as the jury was told but by the kitchen’s AGA.

The defence team says the idea he tortured his family before murdering them secured his conviction, according to the Mail Online.

Speaking from HMP Wakefield, Bamber told the publication: “After 36 years it can now be proven with absolute certainty I did not burn my dad with the rifle barrel or the rifle's sound moderator, as my trial jury were misled into believing.”

Essex Police told the Mail Online appeals have “never found anything other than Bamber is the person responsible.”

The CCRC added it had received the application and a review is ongoing.

Bamber claims his sister Sheila, who suffered from schizophrenia, shot the family before turning the gun on herself.

Earlier this year he claimed investigators reviewing his conviction “have no compassion” and are full of lies.

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He accused Criminal Cases Review Commission staff of having “no intention” of doing their job properly in a rant from his cell.

In letters sent from his prison cell, Bamber wrote: “Our case manager is resigning, all of those last 6/7 months waiting for an update on my case.

“Investigations have been for nothing. All those lies, ‘I’ll give you an update in a few weeks’, it was bulls***t.

“[They] had no intention of tackling my case. Typical of the case managers I’ve had over the last 20 years.

“None have been helpful or neutral managers of my case.

“It seems… [they] do nothing and waffle and lie is the order of the day. The CCRC need to get a grip of my miscarriage of justice and do the job they were set up to do.

“ Maybe my new case manager will do just that. It’s not hard, but pressure from the police/CPS/Home Office I bet is huge.

“We battle on.”


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