Why Zelenksy named France and Germany in damning speech – Merkel and Sarkozy to blame

Zelensky sends message to Merkel over ’concessions’ to Russia

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The Ukrainian leader has been highly critical of some western countries perceived lack of support, having launched takedowns on Germany and France numerous times. In a scathing reprimand of former leaders Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy, Mr Zelensky said: “I invite Mrs Merkel and Mr Sarkozy to visit Bucha, to see what the policy of 14 years of concessions to Russia has led to.”

He added that he wants them “to see with their own eyes the tortured Ukrainian men and women.”

The tragedies of Bucha and other northern Ukraine towns where Russian soldiers have now retreated have become apparent over the weekend.

It is now widely believed that Russian soldiers have killed civilians without any provocation in harrowing ways, with reports emerging of torture and mass graves being found.

Verified videos and images have shown the streets of Bucha littered with the bodies of civilians.

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The town mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk estimates more than 300 civilians have lost their lives in the area.

The EU has confirmed it is assisting Ukraine in gathering evidence of the crimes committed in the town for international courts.

Earlier in his address, Zelenskyy said the U.N. Security Council would meet Tuesday to consider Russia’s war crimes, noting that there would be a new sanctions package proposed.

He said: “But I’m sure that’s not enough. More conclusions must be drawn.

“Not just about Russia, but also about the political behavior that actually allowed this evil to come onto our land.”

Why has Zelensky namechecked Merkel and Sarkosy?

President Zelensky has made it clear over the course of the war that Germany and France have enabled Russia to strike in Ukraine.

In his Sunday night address, he referred to the 14th anniversary of NATO’s Bucharest summit in 2008, when allies were to decide whether to greenlight a NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP) — a status that puts countries on the path to joining the Alliance — for Georgia and Ukraine.

This didn’t become a reality, but NATO powers did agree the countries would one day become part of the security alliance – something that is said to have been a decision of Ms Merkel and Mr Sarkosy.

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President Zelensky said: “There was a chance to take Ukraine out of the ‘grey zone’ in Eastern Europe.

“The grey zone between NATO and Russia. Out of the grey zone in which Moscow thinks they are allowed to do anything they want. Even the most horrific war crimes.”

He continued: “They thought that by refusing Ukraine, they could appease Russia, to convince it to respect Ukraine and live normally alongside us.

“During the 14 years since that miscalculation, Ukraine has lived through a revolution, and eight years of war in Donbas.

“And now we’re fighting for our lives in the most horrific war in Europe since World War II.”

Previously, President Zelensky has branded modern day France as “afraid” of Russia, and in the same statement said Germany often made “mistakes” when it comes to its economic reliance on Russia.

On Sunday, he gave a defiant message to western leaders he believes have neglected Ukraine.

He said: ”We will win this war, even if politicians are still unable to overcome the indecision they pass on to their successors.”

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