William almost had name Charles was set on after week being called Baby Wales

Prince William almost had a completely different name which Prince Charles had his heart set on, according to a royal historian.

He was also known as "Baby Wales" before Charles and Princess Diana finally decided upon William.

The Duke of Cambridge, who will celebrate his 40th birthday on Tuesday (June 21), could have been named Arthur when he was born in 1982.

Royal author Robert Lacey, the writer behind the biography Battle of Brothers, says that Diana wasn't too keen on Charles' suggestion, instead wanting a "more robust" name for her first son.

Writing in PEOPLE magazine, Lacey said: "Diana, Princess of Wales proposed a more robust name — William, as in 'William the Conqueror,' victor of the famed Battle of Hastings in 1066."

However, Charles' suggestion wasn't dismissed completely as Arthur is now one of William's middle names, reports the Mirror.

His other middle names are Philip – in honour of his late grandfather Prince Philip – and Louis, thought to be inspired by Lord Louis Mountbatten.

Robert added that Diana knew from a young age William would live up to his namesake.

He explained: "'He's obviously going to be a great King,' Diana would declare to her confidante Simone Simmons as she watched her son organize games of soccer in Kensington Palace's gardens or subversive midnight feasts on sleepovers with friends. 'Look how they're drawn to him! He's a born leader.'"

However, William isn't the only name that he goes by, with the royal also having a series of nicknames.

During his time at St Andrews University in Scotland, he was keen to go under the radar so decided to go by an extremely normal moniker – Steve.

Although he did officially enrol at the university in the name William Wales, it is believed his classmates used the nickname so he didn't receive any unwanted attention.

While in 2018, the sweet nickname Prince George uses for his dad was let slip by Kate Middleton.

It came to light when Kate was chatting to well-wishers on a visit to Leicester City Football Club.

Football fan Fiona Sturgess asked Kate how her three children – George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis – were doing.

Fiona later told reporters: "Kate said that William was playing football with the children last night and one of them said, I think it was George, 'Are you playing football tomorrow, Pops?'"

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