Woman attempts to fight raging bush fire throwing water from balcony in 40C heat

A woman made a futile attempt to put out a huge bush fire that was raging outside of her apartment by throwing water from her balcony.

Italian TikToker Mattia Ferraro shared the bizarre clip to TikTok where the woman was seen stepping out onto her balcony and throwing a jug of water towards aggressive orange flames and clouds of thick grey smog.

But the fluids didn't even come close to the flames and were very clearly not enough to tackle the blaze – but it was enough to gain 2.4million likes on social media.

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TikTok users decided to mock the woman's attempt to take control of the situation as one user wrote: "Someone was gonna call the fire department but looked out and saw she had it under control already."

Another added: "It makes me laugh that people think this helps hahahaha."

A third said: "Finally some good content."

However, some users were more concerned about where the fire brigade were to fight the blaze that happened near Rome, Italy and was visible from the airport, according to the comments.

However, it's not just Italy facing forest fires from the heat as large parts of Europe have faced weather warnings as temperatures are expected to climb to 40C.

So far, the scorching heat and dry weather have already caused an unprecedented drought in Italy and a string of forest fires in Portugal and Greece.

Meanwhile, in the UK, the Met Office has, for the first time in its 168-year history, issued a red alert warning for extreme heat.

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The coming few days are expected to bring soaring temperatures that present a risk to even healthy people, and the record-breaking heatwave is “a national emergency”.

With temperatures reaching a record 40ºC in some areas of the UK on Monday, there could be a risk of “serious illness or danger to life.

They also predict that there will be “widespread impacts on people and infrastructure”.


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